Wild flowers

Wild flowers probably the last one this year. Enjoy :)

Best 10 Images from 2011

This is the first time I am choosing the best images of the year and I have to say it is not an easy task. Not because I think they are all so good but I really like a lot of them and it is quite difficult to narrow the choice  just to ten. But I have managed and here it goes.

It looks like it was a year of trying different ways of expression and I think I have learnt a lot.

Sunny way

This is one of the first images I ever made, nearly ten years ago with Olympus c3040z and I still love it. It was of course a happy accident to get it this way /I mean the sun looking like a star/ I was just making first steps and had no much knowledge about technical side of photography. But I am still happy with the composition, I think I would not change much today.


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Morgan auto

I love this car. It drives here around and makes me crazy. Up to now I can have only a print of it :)

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Lightroom 3

As you probably know the Lightroom 3 is already on the market. I am a big fun of Ligthroom since the first moment it appear and of course I have got my upgrade immediately.
Looking for tutorials teaching about new features in Lightroom 3 all over the web I have found a lot of good and very good ones. But in my opinion the best one is provided by Julieanne Kost. Very informative, complete, and easy to follow /I love her way of explaining things/. It takes half an hour but believe me it is worth every minute to watch it. Here is the link to Julieanne Kost tutorial. And here you can visit her website and admire her work. She is a very talented artist.

HDR images from Angkor Wat

Click on the image and you will be taken to my Photoblog where I present a bigger version.
Walking Monk in Angkor Wat.

I have never been a big fun of HDR photography but I have to admit that looking at images by Trey Ratcliff on www.stuckincustoms.com it is a real pleasure. He is an expert and on his website I have found tutorial about Photomatix software and Topaz Adjust plug-in.  Now Topaz company  offers Topaz Fusion Express for Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto. As I work a lot with Lightroom I decided to download 30-days free fully functional trial version. In my archive I have images from a trip to Siem Reap in Cambodia and there are still some waiting to be edited because up to now I was not happy with the results. Looks like the pseudo HDR technique will be adequate for this images allowing me to show  the colors and details like I remember them. It is called pseudo HDR because I have only one exposure in RAW format so I can create another two ore more in Lightroom and then compose it using Photomatix. For the real HDR technique I should have three or more exposures straight from the camera. Here is the first one from upcoming series.