HDR images from Angkor Wat

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Walking Monk in Angkor Wat.

I have never been a big fun of HDR photography but I have to admit that looking at images by Trey Ratcliff on www.stuckincustoms.com it is a real pleasure. He is an expert and on his website I have found tutorial about Photomatix software and Topaz Adjust plug-in.  Now Topaz company  offers Topaz Fusion Express for Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto. As I work a lot with Lightroom I decided to download 30-days free fully functional trial version. In my archive I have images from a trip to Siem Reap in Cambodia and there are still some waiting to be edited because up to now I was not happy with the results. Looks like the pseudo HDR technique will be adequate for this images allowing me to show  the colors and details like I remember them. It is called pseudo HDR because I have only one exposure in RAW format so I can create another two ore more in Lightroom and then compose it using Photomatix. For the real HDR technique I should have three or more exposures straight from the camera. Here is the first one from upcoming series.